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I'm a good-humored man who loves to pontificate and share his views. I am a free lance videographer. Over-educated, under-employed and seeking new career perspectives. For years I've regretted that some topics need to be talked about, but because they are novel, controversial or unprofitable, they just get buried or lost in the shuffle. I am an amateur songwriter and keyboardist who's composed hundreds of tunes in his lifetime and would like to copyright and publicize my work. On the social and political commentary scene, I would like to promote an economically and ecologically sustainable existence, here in the USA and around the globe. I would like to see more emphasis on helping poor, working class and over-educated, under-employed people. In a reasonable and just way, I'd actually like to spread the wealth of global capitalism more equitably and evenly. One of my pet peeves is that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, and often through no great fault of the latter. Living as I do in the Washington, DC metro area, my wife and I are somewhat appalled at how bourgeois, dull and workaholic the upscale yuppoids of the Nation's Capital are. I am all for FUN and PARTYING on a regular basis, to relieve the doldrums of a stressful, workaholic and often grim existence. Rather than a hedonistic free-for-all, I'd like to see a balance where folks get a regular respite from workaholicism.

Frugal but fun entertainment

Below are some ways to save money while entertaining yourself, your family and friends: Check DVDs and videos out from your local library.  Save by not going to the video rental stores.  Also, consider hooking a laptop with high-speed Internet … Continue reading

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